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Full Body Massage

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Your Full Body Massage - What to Expect

People often wonder what happens at their first massage. This is normal. It is a new experience and you don’t know what to expect.

We will explain the procedures, answer any questions, and do our best to make you feel at ease. Our therapists are well trained, professional, and experienced. You will leave the clinic feeling relaxed and relieved, wondering what you were so concerned about and eager to book your next appointment.

Your first massage appointment will be ½, ¾, or 1 hour in length depending on your needs.

For a relaxation massage, we suggest the longer the session, the deeper the state of relaxation. In a half-hour session, we can address the back, for example. In a three-quarter hour session, we can work on the back, neck, head, and shoulders, for example.

In a one-hour session, we can provide a full body massage to the back, neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet. It may also include abdominal massage and hips.

For a therapeutic massage to specific problem areas, the length of session depends on how many areas need treatment and how much work there is to do in each area.

It will include an initial consultation and health assessment, an explanation of the procedures, massage treatment to the appropriate areas, stretching & strengthening exercises, self care instructions, and referral to other health care practitioners if needed.

You will be asked to fill out a health form (including consent to treatment) once for each therapist you visit; not for each treatment. Feel free to discuss your care and ask any questions before, during, and after the session.

Full Body Massage

Your session will take place in a quiet, professional, private treatment room on a stable, comfortable massage table. You will have an opportunity to undress privately and cover yourself completely with the top sheet. Most people choose to change down to their bottom underwear, however you may wear whatever you like. It’s your massage; we want you to be comfortable and relaxed. Only one part at a time will have undraped massage treatment; the rest of your body remains covered. Modesty and privacy are always respected.

Your therapist will use a warm, light, neutral massage oil or massage lotion for most techniques. They allow for glide during the massage and moisturize dry skin. Aromatherapy Healing Oils may be added upon request. A hot compress may be applied for further relaxation and circulation to the tissues.

Typically, your full body massage will begin with gentle, general strokes and gradually progress to more specific work to address problem areas.

Close your eyes, breath deeply, relax, and enjoy!

Massage on healthy tissue feels good. Massage to injured or dysfunctional tissue is aimed at rehabilitation and may initially cause some discomfort, however your therapist will work within your comfort zone to find techniques that work best for you.

Cold application (ice) may be recommended for post-treatment self care if very specific or deep work is done. Communicate with your therapist so that he/she may adjust the massage treatment accordingly.

After the massage, you should feel deeply relaxed and experience relief of symptoms and ease of movement. Give yourself a few moments to get up slowly and carefully. Take your time; there’s no rush. We recommend that our clients drink lots of water following a treatment, even if it's not a full body massage.

For optimal treatment results, we recommend that you begin with a series of sessions. It takes some work to address areas that have been repeatedly injured over a long period of time. Once your condition has improved, we suggest that you maintain these results with occasional maintenance massage to prevent your condition from reverting to it‘s previous state.

If you require a receipt for insurance reimbursement purposes, please let us know and we will be happy to supply this for you. Most health insurance plans provide coverage for massage therapy. Check your insurance policy for details of requirements for reimbursement.

~ Find Relaxation & Relief with Massage Therapy ~


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