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Hot Stone Massage Therapy;

This is a newer form of massage which relaxes the body and mind. It is very relaxing but it also helps with stress, chronic tension and muscle pain.

We use heated stones of different sizes and weights to massage your body. This almost immediately soothes the nervous system and
melts the effects of stress.

Muscle tension eases under the smooth pressure of the stones, allowing circulation to increase.

Toxins are then flushed away and the flow of healing nutrients are restored to your muscles and your other tissues.

Stone massage can be especially helpful for people with
fibromyalgia, arthritis and those recovering from injuries.

Hot stone massage is also beneficial for sinus pain
and premenstrual syndrome.

Sessions are One Hour for a targeted area, and One and Half Hours for your full body massage. Call today.

Want Healing In Under 10 Minutes?

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