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Massage Therapy Insurance:

An increasing number of corporations offer massage as an employee benefit because massage therapy increases worker morale and productivity and decreases sick time. Okay, and it feels good.

With all the benefits of massage therapy, it is no wonder the number of adults who are getting massages has nearly tripled in the last decade.

Your company’s health insurance plan likely provides coverage for MTAS &/or AMTWP Registered Massage Therapy. Due to privacy laws you will need to call your policy holder for details.

Make Massage Therapy part of your organization’s wellness and success. Each therapist at Estevan Massage Therapy Center is a fully qualified graduate of a professional massage therapy college and has independently chosen to register with a professional association as follows:

Professional Massage Therapist Association Membership

Massage Therapist Assoc. of Sask. (MTAS)

Assoc. of Massage Therapists & Wholistic Practitioners (AMTWP)

An individual receipt for insurance reimbursement purposes will be issued to each recipient of massage therapy at each appointment. You may send this in to your insurance provider to be reimbursed.

Please check the details of your health insurance policy for requirements for reimbursement of funds paid for massage therapy.

Your insurance provider may require the following:

* a note or a statement from your physician

* massage treatment from a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) who is registered with a professional massage association {for example, the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS), or the Association of Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners (AMTWP)} that is recognized by your insurance provider,

* a detailed receipt for massage service provided, which includes:

* date of treatment

* type of treatment

* charge for treatment

* treating therapist’s name, credentials, registration number, contact information and signature.

* name of client receiving the treatment.

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