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Techniques of Massage that we offer at the Estevan Massage Therapy Center Include:

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Therapeutic Technique Of Massage;

This is relief of soft-tissue (muscular, etc.) discomforts with a deeper, more specific, firm massage. With a unique custom blend of techniques from Swedish massage, Russian medical massage, myo-fascial massage, neuromuscular therapy, orthopedic massage, and others.
It includes assessment, massage treatment, stretching & strengthening exercises, self care

Relaxation & Relief;

Is a combination of relaxation massage and therapeutic massage suited to you.

Sports Massage;

Sports massage is a specialized therapeutic massage for the athlete (including stretching & strengthening) involving the soft-tissue treatment of sports injuries such as strains, spasm, tendonitis, etc. This will improve your health, prevent injuries, and enhance your performance.

Massage During Pregnancy;

Massage During Pregnancy is a special massage with a special table, massage chair, or massage cushions, along with specialized pregnancy massage techniques, are used to ease discomforts of moms-to-be. Ask for a foot massage pregnancy loving touch.

Plus we now offer:

Lomi Lomi Massage,

Vacuum Cupping for Myofascial Release,


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage,

Table Thai Yoga Massage,

Thai Reflexology

Thai Massage

Estevan Massage Therapy

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Hours of Business:

Appointments are available for morning, afternoon, evening, and Saturday sessions. Please phone for an appointment with any therapist.

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